Vintage Vignettes is a collection of original glass negatives of India taken around between 1880-1930.
Chennai or Madras as it was then known is the heart of the collection.
Vintage Vignettes was started by 4 individuals with  diverse backgrounds but with a sense of history. The glass negatives were bought more to preserve the history of especially the city of Chennai or Madras as it was then known.
Vintage Vignettes perhaps has the only authentic photo documentation of what the city of Madras looked like over a hundred years ago.
Since then Vintage has undertaken the documentation of the city of Chennai twice, once in 1990  and another a more exhaustive one in 2005.
Vintage Vignettes has in it`s collection over 12,000 images of the new city of Chennai covering not only it`s heritage buildings, roads and other important landmarks but also the festivals, culture and other aspects of the city.
Vintage Vignettes - at the touch of the mouse can give both the old and the new pictures of Chennai [MADRAS].
The old photographs have been digitised and are readily available online.